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About The Big Screen Experience

The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Big Screen Experience is about curating Autobiographical ShortDocs to both showcase and workshop in safe spaces with a social distancing protocol in effect. This Black-led Toronto TV Talk Show Film Festival Studio Z & D is about curating digital storytelling to heal humanity.. 

When customizing your Arts & Culture itinerary, consider becoming a VIP Member of TDLS Film Festival (dot com) to access Studio Z screenings On-Demand.  Catch classic Dyonne Lewis TV Talk Show episodes from seasons one produced at VisionTV through to the current season. Take into consideration, you are welcome to reserve Studio D, for two people to enjoy a Better Days ShortDocs gala evening. 

Alternatively, book both Studio Z and Studio D to schedule a small group screening for up to six people in the same social circle. As a unique experimental TV, Film Festival dedicated to workshopping projects which highlight psycho-educational self-reflection, The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Big Screen Experience features three showtimes from 1:00 p.m. to 8 p.m, daily. 

Check out our Docs Gallery by booking your screening online, Monday to Sunday, year-round.

Sponsored by FilmFreeway, the Festival's Better Days Autobiographical ShortDocs international competition takes place on February 14th during Black History Month, annually.


Contact us to pre-schedule your screening at least seven days in advance of your arrival. We cater for groups on cultural excursions: including a business, club, church, non-profit, organization, school, and community centre. From media tours for co-op students to on-camera Zoom training for employees and/or volunteers, ask about our workshops, and join us.. Fundraising opportunities are available for groups of 6 or fewer.  As a Film Festival with a charitable cause, digital storytelling is the ace that we have up our sleeve. 


TDLS team is here to help, period. If you are advanced in years or have underlying health conditions and require accommodation, simply ask and we are more than happy to assist you. Please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you soon.

Submit this form to let us know how we can help you during this stage three opening in Ontario during this time of mandatory mask wearing inside public buildings. 

Lady Dee

How it All Started —

It started in 2013.  Pause. Rewind, and time travel back to 1986. In her teens, Dyonne wrote to Moses Znaimer, the co-founder of CityTV to request a sit-down interview with the media mogul of Hollywood North. Fast forward 25 years. Mr. Znaimer's pro·té·gé--the world's first videographer, Dominic Sciullo--spoke to Moses about greenlighting the pilot episode of The Dyonne Lewis Show on the award-winning multicultural VisionTV network. The rest is... Her story.

A Dream & A Prayer

Digital Storytelling

The talk show host's early childhood forays into Fine Arts and Performing Arts primed her for a love affair with Communication Arts, in general and digital storytelling in particular. Who do you trust to reveal your life story? God chose prophets to document His story of creation, and master plan to save humanity. 

Dyonne's mother prayed with her hand on her baby bump before her firstborn made an appearance at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. "God, Please let my child love reading." Dyonne's father, loved building things from scratch, and delighted in designing his baby girl's nursery--carpenter by trade was skilled with his hands but was illiterate but ironically wanted to write a about his life. As a street-smart businessman, Franklin read people like a book. He put his photographic memory to use as an entrepreneur who always worked for himself.  

When Dyonne read The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, by Mordecia Richler, while in high school, she couldn't get over how eerily similar her father was to the protagonist both in character and in spirit. 

Dyonne was five years old, saw Lola Falana perform solo on television, and from that instant, she dreamt about being on TV--one day.

Turnica called Dyonne "my miracle baby" as she had a difficult time conceiving and could not carry a pregnancy to full term after the delivery of her first born.  

Moma T named her girl after two singers, Dionne Warwick and Bernadette Peters. Now a divorced woman of 33, she enrolled her daughter in "On-Camera" classes at Weist-Barron School of Television. It was 1979. An eleven year-old Dyonne remembers her mother's words. "Don't sing, you don't have a singing voice. It's not in the cards." 

God granted the child's dream and the mother's prayer--while the legacy of patriarch Frank lives on through his daughter's eyes. Dyonne grew up as an only child, but reading protected her like a brother and writing held her hand as a sister.  Words became her best friends. In her later years, studying and listening were Dyonne's faithful mentors. 

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a post-graduate certificate in Broadcast Journalism as her allies, now like Joseph from the Bible, with pit experience, and palace visions, she founded The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival to pay tribute to her late mother and father, Mr. & Mrs. McGowan.  Autobiographical ShortDocs digital storytelling gallery is about healing the past and clearing the future to dream and create Better Days.

More...on The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Submission Website

Entertainment Dedicated to Better Days 

The annual festival date will coincide with the 25th Anniversary of Black History Month in Canada

on February 14, 2021. We are a Toronto Tourist Attraction now open for screenings in a safe facility observing

social distancing--virtually 365.  Autobiographical Short Documentaries explore self-reflective, self-education, and miseducation by honouring self through digital oral storytelling traditions.  The Festival has an emphasis on bringing all people together to support, promote showcase, and workshop an idea:  The idea is advancing the "Individual" healing process...through digital storytelling therapy.

Our Digital Storytelling Gallery exists to Heal Humanity in general and Black people in particular, as a balm to improve, platform and develop..."Black Voices and The Black Soul" and thus "Black Emotions and Black Minds" with psycho-educational personal transcendence through Arts & Culture in the face of anti-Black, institutional, and systemic racism.

Our Festival Official Music Video is called Better Days. There is a link to the song, written by a sixteen-year-old Toronto Singer-Songwriter named Zoe.L Please check it out. 

As a digital storytelling gallery, The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Studio unabashedly amplifies Black voices in Black bodies. Employing soul-stirring cinematic devices, culturally respected psycho-educational resistance, spiritual fire-power, and ancient oral tradition, it's possible to heal psychological impact of racial injustices propagated by systemic, institutional, anti-Black racism in Toronto, Canada, and beyond. Welcome to The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival, and please join us as we continue our daily countdown to Better Days.

Mr. & Mrs. McGowan

Dyonne Lewis née Dionne Bernadette McGowan 

The 1973/74 Senior Kindergarten Class at Jackman Junior Public School in Toronto, Canada. Sitting in the second row, Dyonne is the little five-year-old girl with the "See-You-On-TV" Smile.


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