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Photo Credit Jason D. Zoomerplex March, 2014 Dyonne and Guest Paula

The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival in association with All Creatives WE Network presents 

1. New Masterclass TV Talk Show Coaching Series

2. Self-directed 'Personal Documentary' Filmmaking Masterclass for Beginners 

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For 30 Talented Aspiring

 TV Talk Show Hosts

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Photo Credit Mitchell G. Turning Tables Awards February, 2019  Dyonne and Elaine Robinson 


It's about a Black-led TV Production project. We're sprinting back to reflect on the past and leaping forward to map out the future. A single psychological breakthrough moment shared can nudge a whole audience--prompting those who are 'sleeping' on their dreams and potential to wake-up. create your

Individual Flight Plan

for Success with

Dyonne's Blueprint for

 hosting a TV Talk Show


It started at the Zoomerplex around 2013. Pause. Rewind, and time travel back to 1986. In her teens, Dyonne wrote to Moses Znaimer, the co-founder of CityTV to request a sit-down interview with the media mogul of Hollywood North. Fast forward 25 years. Mr. Znaimer's pro·té·gé--the world's first videographer, Dominic Sciullo--spoke to Moses about green-lighting the pilot episode of The Dyonne Lewis Show on the award-winning multicultural VisionTV network. The rest is...her story.


Who do you trust to reveal your life story? God chose prophets to document His story of creation, and master plan to save humanity. Make sure that you control your own narrative.



Dyonne was named after two singers: Dionne Warwick and Bernadette Peters, but was early discouraged by her mother from singing.  As a student at Weist-Barron School of Television when she was eleven years old, Dyonne remembers her mother's words: "Don't sing, you don't have a singing voice. It's not in the cards."

Dyonne's mom, Turnica, had petitioned God, concerning her baby girl born at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. "God, Please let my child love reading." Dyonne's father, Franklin, was skilled at carpentry, and delighted in designing his baby girl's nursery; although Mr. McGowan was talented with his hands he was academically illiterate, and yet ironically always talked about writing a book to tell his life story. The main character in the novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler, reminded Dyonne of her father.  A street-smart businessman, Franklin read people like a book, putting his photographic memory to use as an entrepreneur.

Dyonne was five years old, and seeing American singer Lola Falana on a television program--from that instant, Dyonne dreamt about being on TV--one day.

Turnica called Dyonne "my miracle baby" as she had a difficult time conceiving and could not carry a pregnancy to full term after the delivery of her first born. 

God granted the child's dream and the mother's prayer--while the legacy of patriarch Frank lives on through his daughter's eyes. Dyonne grew up as an only child, but reading protected her like a brother and writing held her hand as a sister. 

Books became Dyonne's most faithful friends. And in her later years, studying autobiographies and watching television shows like Moses Znaimer's The Originals help to shape and mentor Dyonne.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a post-graduate certificate in Broadcast Journalism as her allies, now like Joseph from the Bible, with pit experience, and palace visions, she founded The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival to pay tribute to her late mother and father, Mr. & Mrs. McGowan.

'Personal Documentary' storytelling is significant for Dyonne. You see, after coaching numerous people about how to share their autobiographical stories for the screen, in 2018 Dyonne became a fulltime student at Film School but left for medical reasons: debilitating depression and sidelining social anxiety. As Dyonne set out on a purposeful healing journey, she knew that it was necessary to remove the band aid covering her trauma, to assess the wound and clean it out at the root of her emotional suffering. 

Self-work brought a gift of unconditional self-love as well as peace and perspective. Individual transcendence equals 

opportunity to teach others. Dyonne coaches a masterclass on 'personal documentary' to  empower people to star in the movie of their own life instead of being an extra.  


"Have you ever thought that maybe you don't have social anxiety. That maybe, just maybe, you're surrounded by the wrong people. This whole time you thought it was you. Turns out, people around you were toxic and they just don't align with your vibes. There are people that will smile with you every day but secretly hate you. Choose your circle wisely." --@creatingwonders TikTok


The TV Talk Show project is for people who want to conduct documentary-style autobiographical interviews for television. 

The project is geared toward people opening up about their concerns through reflective, analysis of their individual experience in particular, and their unique cultural experiences in general.

The Digital Lab Stories will contribute to the powerful tapestry of narratives making up the Black Community in Canada.  

Self-actualization is the theme running throughout the entire project which supports,  promotes, workshops, showcases and demonstrates community connection for healing.

The goal is to continue to celebrate a mindset of resilience in overcoming 'intersectional injustices' through storytelling therapies.

Relying on our traditions of music for documenting Black voices with 'soul'  each episode of curated conversations renounces oppression with a study of protest songs.

Participants are positioned to soar to higher heights of collaborative and autonomous achievement.



Dyonne Lewis is a woman of crazy faith. She believes that achieving the impossible is inevitable, and as the founding artistic director of Liberty Media Productions and co-founder of [Black] All Creatives WE Network, she inspires individuals and independent business owners to multiply their faith in action.  Dyonne has both counselled and coached hundreds of people in the art of sharing a chapter from their life stories.

In November 2013, from her home, Dyonne created a  TV Talk Show pilot, interviewing  a diverse range of people about their redemption flight from emotional "crash and burn" to "purpose-driven goals".  After packaging a dozen episodes of The Dyonne Lewis Showin March 2014 Vision TV's managing producer, Dominic Sciullo, re-created the pilot for the show, producing a string of episodes, which made the program a thousand times better--by breathing his expertise into the series.

The important thing is, Dyonne gave Dominic two things to work with: her faith and a "Minimum Viable Version" of her creative vision.  After Dominic trained Dyonne on the best practices for long-form TV featured guest interviews--she never looked back.

Dyonne is coaching a first-time TV Talk Show hosts on the rudimentary art of journalistic storytelling in celebration of the international decade of people of African descent, 2015-2024. 

This training module helps first-time TV Talk Show hosts create a long form episode which captivates and educates the audience while impregnating the hosts with unlimited confidence to explore new options and opportunities.

Dyonne is the executive producer behind the Black History month 'TV Production' talk show  project.

If you are a candidate for TV Talk Show Hosting and you're ready, let's go...

Mr.Franklin  McGowan & Mrs. Turnica  McGowan

Mr.and Mrs. McGowan's wedding day. Torono, Canada 1970

Dyonne Lewis née Dionne Bernadette McGowan 

The 1973/74 Senior Kindergarten Class at Jackman Junior Public School in Toronto, Canada. Sitting in the second row, Dyonne is the little five-year-old girl with the "See-You-On-TV" Smile.

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